Our Chilli Plants


Chilli Plugs  

  • Typically 8 - 10cm tall (dependent on variety), and grown in a small jiffy or rooting cubes.
  • They are not grown in a pot or contain any compost, therefore they need to be potted once you received them, then again a few months later, into their final container.
  • These little plants do require a little more love & care, as they are at their early stages. SHIPPING ESTIMATED - MARCH ONWARDS!

Chilli Plants 

  • Typically 20cm tall (dependant on variety), and have been grown in 0.5L pots of compost.
  • Once received they require potting on into a final growing container (we recommend a minimum size of 5L)
  • Require less attention than a plug, and require less attention. SHIPPING ESTIMATED - END OF APRIL ONWARDS (variety & weather dependant)

3 Litre Chilli Pot Plants

  • These massive plants are the most established one's we offer! From our research, these are the largest chilli plants available on the internet in the UK!
  • Typically contain lots of flowers with fruit already forming - a perfect hassle free of growing chillies!

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