Our Lemongrass Plants are available as follows: 
Pack of 3 plants (East OR West Indian)
7cm Set of Both East & West Indian (3 of each) Shipped April / Easter onwards.
3L Pot Plant (East, West OR Both) Shipped June onwards.

Our 3 Litre Pot Plants are the most established plant you can get!

We have both the West Indian & East Indian.

  • East Indian, is native to India, Sri Lanka & Thailand and the plant tends to grow shorter. This is easier to grow here in the UK. 
  • West Indian is native to Malaysian and is more commonly used within cooking. This variation can grow up to 1.8 metres, and produces thicker stems.

 Both varieties hold a lemony scent, and are commonly used within Asian cuisine. 

The plants requires warm, humid conditions (ideally in sun) to thrive. 

We provide full care instructions with every order to assist you in getting your Lemongrass growing!